Hi. I'm Sean.

I'm a Colorado-based artist with a diverse range of interests in various mediums and styles. My particular focus is on the Western landscape, the indigenous animals that inhabit it, and the people who call it home.

Sean Hudson

Approximately ten years ago, I embarked on my journey as an artist, despite having no formal training or background in the field. I am a lifelong learner and a polymath of sorts. I combine an insatiable curiosity with the need to always be creating—even beyond my day job as a tech investor, serial entrepreneur, developer, UX/UI designer, marketer, and digital strategist.

For me, art represents an outlet for my boundless curiosity and need for self-expression, serving as a means of creative fulfillment beyond my other professional pursuits.

As a form of therapy, art has allowed me to soothe and relax the mind, providing a reprieve from the stresses of daily life. At the same time, it serves as a powerful outlet for expressing deep emotions, allowing for a cathartic release that can profoundly heal the soul.

Through the creative process, I gain insight into the mind's inner workings and learn to navigate my emotions healthily and positively. In short, art is a crucial tool in maintaining mental well-being.

I strive to convey more than just the initial visual impression in my paintings. While I frequently depict landscapes and objects from the American West, my goal is not simply to display a picturesque rural setting. Instead, I aim to capture the sensory experience of being in these places - the freedom of open spaces, the intricate textures and layers I perceive, the vibrant colors as I experience them, and the dynamic energy these locations evoke.

In the past, my approach to painting was characterized by a desire to reproduce the natural world's beauty realistically. However, I often felt unfulfilled, as if my work mirrored what could already be seen in a photograph. To challenge myself and tap into my unique voice, I have been working on loosening up my style and discovering what truly excites and inspires me as an artist. Through this process of experimentation and exploration over the past year, I have come to some new realizations.

I love to blur the lines between figurative and nonrepresentational. How far can I push a piece and still call it a landscape?

I love the mark-making process of abstract expressionism—substantial unplanned and intuitive swaths of color, lines, and drips.

Sean Hudson
Sean Hudson

There is something deeply satisfying about scraping through layers of paint and adding texture to a piece. It is a simultaneous act of destruction and creation that brings me great joy. In my art-making, I relish the opportunity to use a wide range of unconventional tools to achieve the desired marks and texture, including razor blades, bubble wrap, credit cards, sticks, grass, nails, my fingers, brayers, rubbing alcohol, quill pens, textured fabrics, and more. These various implements allow me to explore new creative possibilities and bring a unique touch to my work.

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Sean Hudson

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