I love working with architects, interior designers, and other design service professionals looking for a unique piece of art to complete a space.

Match any sofa

I can match any sofa.

But seriously, my focus on creating custom pieces that cater to your unique needs is what sets me apart. Whether you're looking for a single statement piece or a cohesive collection, I can work with you to create art that perfectly fits your design aesthetic.

As a seasoned creative professional with over 20 years of experience in the branding and marketing agency world, I love listening to clients and finding a solution that works for them. While my style may not suit every project, I'm always willing to listen to my clients and offer solutions that meet their needs.

What can I offer you?

You can browse my portfolio to find available pieces, visit my studio (by appointment only) to see what I'm working on, or hire me for a custom commission.

I can work in any size, color, mood, or style (within my range) for custom commissions. Typically, I work with sizes ranging from 12" x 12" up to 4' x 6', but larger sizes are also possible.

Let’s talk pricing.

I offer a 35% discount on all original artwork for all those in the professional design services industry. The price range of my work generally varies from $350 to $10,000—pricing is based on size. Don't hesitate to contact me for an estimate.

Is your client on a budget?

I also offer limited edition giclée prints of select original works signed and numbered. These prints range in price from $100 to $350. If you don't see what you're looking for in my inventory, I can create a custom giclée print from almost any painting in my collection. I can crop and resize as needed. Just let me know what size and format you require.

Need more help?

I have connections with excellent framers and installers that I can recommend to simplify the process for you.

Tell me about your project, and let's work together to find the perfect piece of art to complete your space.

Living Room


Golden Sky
Secret Spot
Ravens and Bluebird Day
A Midsummer's Night
Long Winter's Night
Sample 6
Sample 7

Let's stay connected.

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